Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why I'm Voting for McCain

Now that I've got your attention...

Forget all the cute things I've said before about being a grownup. THIS time, for sure, is the turning point of my adulthood -- I swear.

I don't have enough time to catch up on my gay life, as too much has been going on since I've last posted. (I will say this, though: I'm more ffffabulous than ever!). What's more important in my life as of right now is the career that I hope and pray will be the right one for me. No, I'm not going to own a Subway restaurant, but I will be providing a service (and it doesn't have to do with making sub sandwiches). I just got the job as an independent living source provider. I'll help counsel, direct and redirect those with mental and physical disabilities to a more independent life; whether I help someone move out to an apartment or teach household management skills.

I believe this job is something for me (I say that as I cross my fingers), because I'll be dealing with different clients/consumers just about everyday. I need the variety. Asking whether someone provolone, swiss or American cheese every hour is not for me. Also, it will help me maximize my social skills as I'll meet different clients with different circumstances.

Not only will this job help me with social skills and provide a diverse network of people to work with, but this will enrich my current studies as a teacher. To counsel someone is to teach; to direct someone how to clean up their room is to teach; to help someone find a job is to teach -- this will only help me gain experience to be a teacher in the future.

There's not a doubt in my mind that this will be challenging, but the empathetic side of me will look at the people I work with and find motivation. I've already teared up one time when I was training with a co-worker who was helping a sweet lady that is bed-bound. The frustration of finding a company that will provide a Heyer lift and hearing the bed-ridden woman saying, "It's tough," as we are told to call back the pharmacy another week moistened my eyes.

I officially start on my own tomorrow with my first caseload of clients. I'm still crossing my fingers that this is the job for me.

"Let me sell you a car!"

As long as I have to look professional like this, I'll keep the job. I mean, c'mon; I look like I can sell you a car, or somethin'.