Sunday, February 10, 2008

At it Again

So, I'm at it again. I'm out (but not totally) 'n about, gallivanting in the bloggersphere. The abrupt retirement from my old blog is in the past now; change is, after all, constant, 'n change of a new blog was necessary for me to have a smaller sense of paranoia. I've disregarded the fact that I can be easily found by peers. I've also underestimated The One who caused this paranoia in the first place; I forget, now 'n then, how powerful He is. Yes, you know Him, 'n His name starts w/ a capital G. You guessed it: Google. How can I be so naive to think that my blog wouldn't be found by Googling a 19 y/o porn star's name, or trying to find out a teacher's e-mail, so you can find out what the English homework was?

I have no doubt that this blog will be found one way (Googling) or another, but there will be careful consideration of the information I'll put in here. It's hard to keep a certain level of discretion when there is so much to share; from life-changing experiences w/ the boyfriend, to some random dialog I had w/ my mom.

No matter what, though, I want to keep this blog for deeper introspection than I do before I head to bed. Deleting Change is Constant was a big deal, as far as having news to tell an audience. I don't keep in touch w/ my many friends nowadays, as I'm occupied w/ focusing on school 'n my great boyfriend. I won't make this blog an obligation, however. I will not be guilty if I miss a day or two of blogging, b/c you 'n I both know that an abundance of time is what we do NOT have.

Out of my 5 classes I'm taking this semester, there are 2 that I look forward going to class: college composition writing 'n Sci-Fi 'n Fantasy literature; both English classes, back-to-back. My professors have inspired me to blog again, as I learn how to improving mine Eanglesh, 'n read an average of 100+ pages of novels a week. My writing professor has makes learning how to write a surprisingly fun time for a good hour; I'm always listening intently, 'n thinking about how I can improve my blogging skills. Dr. P. is enthusiastic when he teaches his class, 'n the same is evident in Dr. M., who is the more stern voice for soft-spoken Professor P.. Dr. P. has inspired me to read 'n look at Sci-Fi 'n Fantasy literature in a whole different perspective. Actually, she reminded me that Sci-Fi was the first genre I fell in love w/, as I've read The Giver by Lois Lowry over 'n over 'n over, wondering if Jonas has made it to Elsewhere.

This semester's looking up for me.

This blog's theme is somewhat neutral (not solely for political views 'n the like), b/c I don't want to limit myself from posting a gamut of topics, like school, sex, relationships, friends, everyday life, politics, sex, 'n some sex; I want this blog to have personality 'n life, so it can make mistakes, 'n learn from them. It's a blog that is in progress of reaching a status (but not necessarily the primary goal) of well known gay blogs, like Glennalicious, and political Joe.My.God., 'n the like. This blog, though, is still young, just like me, but it has potential.

So, your blog friend, Doug, has resurrected 'n will keep you posted w/ breaking news, like Britney Spears' life.

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