Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Painting I is a great class so far. I have an instructor that can talk as long as the Great Wall of China, w/ extensions. I'm finally using oil paint instead of acrylic. Just as I expected, oil takes a while longer than acrylic to oxidize. Having the medium dry slower is a benefit as far as being able to blend easier. The downside is the same reason why I like it. I always end up having some paint lifted off the canvas on my hands or arms when I try to pick it up.

Our first real project was to paint a still life, only using the gray scale. Then at the end, we had to add a shape of one color on to any section of the piece, just so long as there's more than one tone included w/in the shape.

My critique: The paint can could've had some more work done. The choice of color and placement wasn't a great one; it's hard to see any range when blue is added on to black, plus I think the face was the strongest point of the piece before the shape was added. The apple, though, is painted the actual way the real apple was shaped. I could've added some text on the binding of the books, 'n created more reflection on the paint tube (bottom left of can).

I was surprised I ended up w/ an A- b/c the instructor expects a lot in this class 'n doesn't really give out pats in the back a lot.

I can't wait to start on our new project. No, I won't do any more creepy cabbage patch dolls, or clowns.


Sue said...

It is a good first effort for sure. I would never expect you to do a clown with y(our) fear of them. lol I can't wait to see your next work!

D said...

lol Thanks Sue! The next one's gonna rock for sure!

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

Maxfield Parrish used grayscale as his underlayment and glazed on multiple layers. of color. That is what gave his work luminosity. I am thinking of trying some of that. It's not just an academic exercise.