Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm sure when I was 9, I had a writing assignment in elementary with the prompt asking what do you see yourself doing 10 years from now. I wonder what I wrote down: maybe I said I was going to be a straight A college student, working on my career to be a computer technician, if not a fireman; or maybe I predicted that I'd have a girlfriend that I'd marry later in life and have a family with her while I do my job as a fireman (or was it an astronaut I wanted to be?). And to think I'd grow up to be all peaches and cream.

But I didn't have the slightest clue back then, and that hasn't changed. I didn't know I would get arrested during middle school; I didn't know that my dad would leave my family; I didn't know that I was going to ever touch drugs; I didn't know I was going to be gay (and a not so fabulous one, for that matter). I still don't know what I'll be like or do 10 years from now, even with all practicalities of a career considered.

At 19, I don't have to know or worry where I'll end up 10 years from now. At 19, I don't have to narrow my choices of what career I need to choose. At 19, I have nothing but time, and it's the (Passion + Ambition) x Work Ethic = Success formula I'll live by to guarantee my future, and this equation has yet to be proven false.

So, cheers to getting - not older, but wiser.

(I actually kinda wish I was a fireman)


Mike said...

Happy birthday, Doug! You're much farther ahead in the game than I was at 19.

Sue said...

Ya know, I always wanted to be a fireman. I kind of did it for like five minutes as a volunteer. It was really cool. I got to use the jaws of life on a car. Anyway, back to you. Happy Birthday Kid! You really are way ahead of the game with what you know right now and your level of maturity. Wise beyond your years is what you are. Ah, I remember when... But that is another story and you know it all too well. Cheers and have a happy day. Give your BF a big kiss from me and he should be kissin all over you too. Is your Moms leaving her trademark lipstick stains all over your face still?

D said...

Mike: Thanks! Just wait 'til the generations before hit my age!

Sue: Thanks, big sistah! My mom DOES still kiss me before she leaves for work, but I caught her rubbing her lipstick off my cheek now. :)

Dillinger said...

why have I just triped on your blog now? I know what you mean man about not totally know where your going and you know what I've come to realize it's alright.
I did the whole where are you gunna be in 10 years thing when I was 10. I said I was going to be engaged to a girl, and training at the police academy. 10 years later I'm single still straight but...I can appreciate guys and there are a few guys I wouldn't kick out of my bed. I'm also working toward my career goal as a video editor.
I think its more the ability to take the bricks people of thrown at you and using them to build a solid foundation that will get you through life. Nice blog it was a great read even though im hella late